World’s tallest building will be one kilometer high

Dubai, long champion of all things biggest, longest and most expensive, will soon have some competition from neighboring Saudi Arabia. Burj Khalifa will soon have to hand over the World record for the tallest building in the world.

Burj Khalifa
Burj Khalifa, currently the World’s tallest building

Jeddah Tower, worth $1.2 billion will soar 1km towards the clouds.

The project formerly known as the Kingdom Tower in Jeddah is located on the shores of the Red Sea, and it already started, with 26 out of the 200 planed floors already finished. The skyscraper is scheduled for completion in 2020. The Burj Khalifa, by comparison, stands at a meeker 827 meters.

Jeddah Tower
This is how the skyscraper will look like

This skyscraper will house a luxury hotels, offices, apartments, malls, an observatory and luxury housing. It will feature 59 elevators and 12 escalators.

World's tallest buildings

However, building so tall building brings several challenges. The saltwater could potentially damage it because of the closeness to the sea. The foundations, which will be 60 meters deep, need to be able to withstand the saltwater. Wind load is another issue for buildings of this magnitude, so to counter this challenge, the tower will change shape regularly. It will change shape every few hours, which will allow the wind to go around the building.

On black and white it looks amazing, but let’s wait and see the outcome.


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