Bali, Indonesia

For such a small island approximately 145 x 80 km, Bali boasts a surprising number of highlights. With lush rice paddies, mystical temples, white-sand beaches, and misty volcano treks, it is easy to see why the island of Gods is Indonesia’s most popular tourist destination.

Check out the local cultural heritage of Ubud, bask in the sophistication of Seminyak, or simply relax at the mellow beachside towns of Lovina and Amed, Whatever you do, rest assured that this paradise island will leave you with a bounty of lasting memories.

Day 1

After landing at Ngurah Rai International Airport I am headed towards my hotel in the quiet neighbourhood Nusa Dua in the south part of the island. After settling in in my hotel, The Mercure Hotel Bali Nusa Dua, there is no spare time for wasting. I am on my way to observe the sunrise on one of the numerous sunrise treks up Mount Batur. It takes approximately two hours to ascend the 1,717m active volcano. But trust me, it’s worth it. The view will leave you breathless.

A Luwak (Asian Palm Civet) feeding on coffee berries
A Luwak (Asian Palm Civet) feeding on coffee berries

Because by nature I want to try and experience new things, it’s time to try the world’s most expensive coffee, Luwak. The main factor of its high price is the uncommon method of producing this coffee. It has been produced from the coffee beans which have been digested by a certain Indonesian cat-like animal.

Coffee Luwak

Because I am not a huge coffee lover, to be honest the only difference between Coffee Luwak and Starbucks for me was the strength of the coffee and the richer aroma. It is apparent that Luwak coffee is sold for the story, and not for the superior quality.

Ubud Market
Ubud Market

While in Ubud, go to Ubud Market and fill your bags with stock knick-knacks and traditional Balinese art.

Monkey Selfie

I am with my Balinese friend, and she says Monkey Forest is a must! Long tailed macaques freely roam around. The jungle clad temple complex houses sacred sites including the Pura Dalem temple and the Holy Spring bathing temple. Here you can enjoy the tranquillity and serenity that this mystical island has to offer. I don’t even have to mention the picture perfect surroundings.

Rame Restaurant at Jimbaran Beach

The sun is starting to go down, and we want to enjoy it. Each evening Jimbaran beach transforms into a lively cluster of seafood restaurants. Visit the Rame Restaurant and choose from fresh prawns, squid, crab, lobster and a wide range of fish. Add a fresh coconut and enjoy. The atmosphere, stunning.

Rame Restaurant
The freshest food money can buy  

Now it’s time for party. We are meeting more friends at Kuta Beach. Popular area with countless bars and nightclubs. Our top pick, Sky Garden Lounge. Spreading over 3 floors, with different decor, music and ambience on each floor, it’s one of Bali’s premiere night clubs.



Day 2

The 11-th century Pura Lahur temple in Uluwatu.

Uluwatu Temple

I am not sure whether this place is so much loved for its dramatic setting and architecture or for the views and sunsets. Both is stunning! Don’t miss the picture opportunities from the edge of the cliffs.

Be aware of the monkeys around the area. They’ll use every opportunity to snap something from you. Sunglasses, cameras, wallets… Keep calm and hide everything you have.


Elephant Safari Park is the best place in Bali to get close and personal with a herd of these gentle giants. Enjoy an elephant ride or simply sit back and watch them frolic in the bathing area.

Pura Dalem Temple

It’s time for relaxation by the ocean. Kuta beach is extremely popular and thus touristy beach. Situated near the airport, it’s a great landing watching spot.

Photo Dec 03, 6 37 56 AM

For triumphal end of the day we go to Rock Bar at AYANA Resort. Perched on a rock 14m above the Indian Ocean, it’s one of Bali’s most iconic venues. Better still, the trendy bac can be reached by a funicular.

Rock Bar
Rock Bar at AYANA Resort and Spa



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